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Surbhee Singh – Aisha Ghani

About Surbhee Singh

Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Surbhee is a Certified Coach from International Coach Federation with over 3,000 hours of coaching experience. She has more than two decades of experience in various roles as a Business Leader, Coach, Facilitator, International Speaker, Co-author and Leadership Assessor.


Surbhee uses her diverse corporate experience to engage with the
C-suite leaders and key team members to identify key strategic areas that can catapult their performance. She devises coaching interventions and customized trainings to address such areas which help these leaders adapt and align themselves, to achieve their goals effectively and hence improve productivity and revenue.

Surbhee enables leaders and mid to senior level managers to enhance their self-awareness and have greater impact in an increasingly globalized business environment. Her areas of developmental focus include: self-mastery, transformational leadership, transition coaching, team integration, communication influence, executive presence, influence without authority and holistic-wellness. Breadth and depth of experience is a core asset that Surbhee brings to an organization’s projects. She has curated and delivered interventions at Google, Pepsi, HDFC Bank, Hero Motors, Flipkart, Pernod Ricard, Tata Steel, Perfetti Van Melle, Ericsson, Accenture, Cvent, Puresoftware, MUFG Bank, Mahindra, Dana India, Maruti, Olympus, Volvo Eicher, Sapient, Barco Electronics, Blue Star, Godfrey-Phillips, DHFL Insurance and many more. Surbhee is a Principal Consultant with a leading Global coach Certification Organisation wherein she hand-holds the journey of coach graduates. She facilitates the commissioning, planning, design and development of delivery of all coaching and training solutions for her customers. Interestingly, Surbhee has been a Radio Jockey for a popular Radio Channel and voice-over artist for many years. She has also committed herself to work with NGOs for causes of the children and women through her coaching knowledge and skills.

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Professional Credentials

⦁ Certified Coach with over 3,000 hours of coaching experience
⦁ ICF Coach Certification – The Art & Science of Coaching, Erickson Coaching International
⦁ Certified on Team Coaching from Erickson Coaching International
⦁ The Leadership Circle Profile and Manager Edition Administrator (Approved by ICF)
⦁ Certified on MBTI Step I & Step II – Administration and Interpretations, CPP, Inc
⦁ Certified Thomas PPA Practitioner (DISC Assessment)
⦁ Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (SNLP)
⦁ Certified Practitioner of Conversational Hypnosis, Michael Perez
⦁ Certificate in Public Speaking, Speakers Institute, Australia
⦁ Certified Trainer on Story Telling, Bongiswa Kotta Ramushwana
⦁ Certified in Instructional Design and Facilitation Skills
⦁ Train the Trainer Program on Mindfulness, Erickson Coaching International
⦁ Train the Trainer, Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.
⦁ Certified on Coaching from Success Motivation, Singapore

Case Studies : Coaching Engagements

Transition Coaching
Worked with high-potential top leaders of a global technology company providing commerce solutions that power billions of transactions. The assignment involved gathering inputs from their global leaders to construct their development pathway. The objective was to enable these ‘hi-pots’ to transition to leadership and global roles. The coaching worked through the expected demands of the new roles such as Leadership presence, establishing vision, redefining processes, inspiring larger teams, influencing without authority, communication effectiveness and some more. The coaching assignment was supported with Thomas assessment profiling which gave them a holistic perspective around their development goals.

Building Emotional Resilience
Working with mid-level women managers of a leading global technology services company. Empowering them to create the work-life balance and positively impact their work area. In this troubled time, I worked with them to manage core issues such as managing professional timelines, emotional turmoil arising from nature of work, un-resourceful state, demanding home responsibilities and bringing positivity to impact the organizational objectives.

Scaling Leadership
Coached the senior leadership team of a recently acquired American online retail conglomerate. Enabled their internal transformation through the challenging times of the takeover and ensuring business growth. Coaching focused upon raising their performance around their KRA’s aligned with organizational objective. Developmental goals were identified through Hogan assessment revolving around interpersonal relationships, executive presence, thriving in conflict, increasing social quotient, emotional resilience which helped them to become more effective in their workspace.

Leadership Presence
Worked with senior executives of a leading French company that produces distilled beverages to focus on developing their leadership presence by working on few imperatives including developing strategic vision, managing emotions and being more visible for the next level responsibilities. The needs were identified through the process of inputs from their respective reporting managers, their peers, and their respective teams. The primary objective of the engagement was to get them ready to move to the next level in the organization. The six months engagement provided these leaders to share their derailing behaviors and experiment with the newly developed behaviors thereby producing different responses in pressurized situations.
Enabling Effectiveness
Worked with India Country Head of an international voluntary scientific organization fighting TB, HIV, tobacco & lung disease to address the challenges related to internal conflicts. By identifying and resolving internal conflicts in her values she was able to create a congruent plan for the future and started operating from a space of choice. Within days she was totally focused at work again and started enjoying her leisure time much more. Resolving conflicts in her values also enabled her to deal with a long-standing perception that the team had for her.

Case Studies : Facilitation Engagements

Leading Software Company

Emotional Intelligence

The participants were prompted to explore the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The workshop covered the five elements of Emotional Intelligence and their impact on creating a highly empathic and trustful environment in the organization. The attendees learnt the skill of managing their emotions and feelings while working simultaneously with other team members.

Leading provider of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Building Cohesive Teams: This intervention was an experiential program enabling the participants to build highly collaborative and efficient teams. This format evoked self-discovery around behavior and patterns and give an understanding of the personality traits of other people. The cohort learnt about stages of team formation, coordination , cooperation and collaboration and how to motivate their team members to constantly scale up their participation in fulfilling the team’s objectives.

An Indian multinational steel-making company:

Coaching for Development: Facilitating a series of workshops for an Indian multinational steel-making company to build a coaching culture within the ranks of the entire organization. The workshop was designed for the N minus 2 level leaders to educate them about the capability of coaching style of leadership. The ‘impact leaders’ have been equipped with the key skills and techniques in both organizational and personal development settings through facilitation and one-on-one coaching sessions.

A leading automobile manufacturer in India:

Developing a Growth Culture ‘Inside-out’: Effective coaching may be the single most cost-effective method of creating and sustaining a high-results and highly fulfilling culture. Surbhee led and facilitated the workshop for the leaders of a leading automobile manufacturer in India on Developing a Growth Culture. This participative workshop provided the audience with the tangible tools that are required to bring out the very best of every participant and enhance the desired results by developing them. Also, provided learning on how to effectively coach associates and shift accountability to them for their own development

Large medical supplies multinational company

Lead with a Story: Advanced communication workshop to enable the senior leaders in Story Telling for effective communication through the various levels of hierarchy in large corporates. Created a customized design to enable the participants to understand the nuances of communication such as listening, verbal and non-verbal body language. A strong self-awareness driven understanding of their behavioral attributes were discussed and how their key stakeholders experience those patterns.