About Trupti

 Leadership Facilitator, Behavioral skills Trainer, a Happiness Coach and Mindfulness Teacher

I am a Leadership Facilitator, Behavioral skills Trainer, a Happiness Coach and Mindfulness Teacher. I did my post-grad in Human Resources (HR) and developed a passion for Training and Development. My passion for Training aspired me to work for over 15 years in Training and Consulting and I continue to work in this area!

What I love about my work : A learning initiative is designed for an audience with an objective. At times, the objectives are well defined, sometimes not! The deliverables may be defined or it could be work in progress. What I enjoy, is this process –

 Defining the learning objectives with the key stakeholders, designing the journey to ensure that the objectives are met so as to help the people and the organisation grow! Interacting with businesses from varied sectors – Manufacturing, Automobile, Retail, BFSI, IT/ITES, working with personnel across different functions and levels, facilitating to build and enhance people capabilities, motivating them, inspiring them to achieve goals is what I love and am passionate about.


As part of my work profile, I engaged with clients for various interventions. I was involved in understanding client requirements, designing interventions, content creation, Training Delivery and post workshop activities. The L & D projects could range from Skill building modules like Building Collaborative Partnerships at work, Execution Excellence, Impactful Presentations, Effective Communication, Listening skills to People Management modules like – First Time Managers, Art of Feedback, Delegation, Managerial Skills, Leadership to Sales Effectiveness modules – Frontline Sales, Customer Service Fundamentals, Negotiation skills, Key Account management and many more.


The recent research in the field of positive psychology related to “Happiness and Well Being” at work inspired me to delve in this field. I am a certified Happiness Coach and a Mindfulness Teacher. I have designed courses to create Happier workplaces, becoming mindful, living in the moment and hence become productive at work.


If you want to plan an intervention for your Team, want to brainstorm and design initiatives, or are looking at partners to design and deliver the learning journey feel free to connect with me.